4 Ways Social Media is Changing Our Relationships

#1 Allows you to connect with more people: Is this a good thing? Yes we are connecting with more people but how great are these “connections” exactly. The example they give is having the ability to connect with a CEO of a fortune 500 company via a Linkedin account. I think the connections made through the Linkedin social network can’t be compared with the ones in Facebook. Many users on this social network have 500 or more, supposed, “friends.” Are they real friends? No not at all. But at least we are connected right?….

#2 Makes it easy to overestimate levels of intimacy: In pursuit of online friends, we could be ignoring the relationships we have outside these online networks. Users spend so much time online that they are not carrying out any social time with their true friends. We could be investing time into the wrong relationships.

#3 Your more susceptible to the social media contagion effect: This is saying if someone is lonely or sad and it is published on a social network site, you are 52% more likely to feel these same emotions. This can be good and bad. We are influenced by others so hopefully you have positive friends. If not you might want to de-friend.

#4 Comparing yourself with others: Everyone does this in their daily lives but this is heightened on social network sites. Photos constantly being uploaded and status updates being changed to in a way brag about their lives. Social networking is becoming more of a competition between friends.

See the article at : http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/4-ways-social-media-is-changing-your-relationships/


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